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Canada Online Casino Reviews

Most Trusted Online Casinos in Canada

Why Swann.ca is your most reliable online casino guide which you can rely on?

We provide unbiased and fair reviews. Our gambling experts are independent in their evaluation so the Top 10 Canadian online casinos we’ve picked are truly the best ones.

You can simply save a lot of your own time by relying on our expertise and extensive knowledge about Internet gambling.
There are literally hundreds (if not thousands) online slots in Canada operating legally which makes it incredibly difficult to determine what website suits your demands completely.

Editor Rating
4x deposit bonuses up to C$ 1,600
3x deposit bonuses up to C$800
100% Bonus on 1st Deposit
C$1500 Welcome package + C$30 FREE
100% bonus up to C$350
100% Deposit Match Bonus up to C$ 750

Independent expertise

In order to figure out what online gambling website is the best for one’s needs, the player may try “this and that” (which could lead to huge time and money expenditures). The player also may rely on other players’ references (which are usually written by certain casino’s staff therefore not trustworthy), or there is a smart way – to rely on independent expertise which will instantly lead the player to the best and safe choice.

Nothing escapes from our examination so you can use our reviews, paid by hundreds of hours of testing.

Objective reviews

At first we do not take any word just like that. The best online casino reviews will check everything. Our gambling experts are absolutely independent and are not interested in promoting any featured casinos; instead, they are devoted to delivering you an objective, unbiased picture.

Swann.ca has gathered the real, passionate and experienced online gambling investigators who are former professional players and casinos workers. We know the system from inside so you also do now.

Always updated information

Yes, we make tests constantly. The same best casino online will be tested and checked again and again periodically in order to make sure they keep their quality in every aspect, including payments, reputation, payouts rate, etc.

It’s not your concern to follow all updates to not to miss something important. It’s our mission to keep you aware of all changes going on in online gambling world.

What else you should know about Swann.ca?

What are the main options we consider crucial for rating the website as a best casino?

We pay the major attention to four key criteria.

First – all casinos online should operate under Canadian law, according to its regulations regarding online gambling.

Second – we are really harsh when it comes to testing payment methods and the easiness to claim and withdraw the money. There are no compromises when it comes to funding deposits and withdrawal so everything we deliver is verified and practically tested.

Third – key aspect is payout rank. Every reputable and reliable Canadian online casino should have a high payout rank, which is an instant indicator to our experts.

In our TOP online casinos list, you’ll find gambling websites with the highest payout ranks.

And finally, we evaluate the generosity of a casino which shows up in sizes of welcome bonuses.

The bonuses are exactly what your first-class gambling experience should start with!

How can you be sure our reviews provide objective conclusions?

Really, how can someone be sure we are not hired by the casinos in order to promote them in this way?

It’s simple. Being passionate gamblers we are totally on players’ side, so our interests are to provide pure, unbiased information about every online Canadian casino which claims to be the best in Canada. Every casino online, listed at our TOP chart has passed the multiple tests on money depositing and withdrawal with applying few methods of payment.

You can play with the featured casinos and feel safe and confident about your money. We check, we reveal, we test and we prove.


The most lucrative casino games are the ones which provide players the best odds and maybe perfected by strategy or skill. Because of this roulette is typically regarded as among the most rewarding to play as only betting on a single result has 50/50 chances of being correct. Plus if you play European roulette that only offers a single 0 on the wheel that the house edge is reduced further. Other rewarding casino games are poker and blackjack. These two trivial card games are easy to master and can provide big monetary rewards to the most proficient players. You can even improve your chances of coming out on top in poker by looking for fish (lesser experienced players typically just in it for fun) who usually bet on each round no matter how awful their hands is. While playing blackjack, using a card counting strategy (a big no no at land-based casinos) can significantly improve your odds of winning. Providing you count properly of course.

Check to find out if the casino has a permit (usually listed at the bottom of the homepage). If it does, so it has been independently verified and will need to stick to strict operating standards to keep trading. One of which is publishing its payout percent (the speed at which the casino pays out versus the amount of money being spent by players). Another indication that a casino is secure is its security credentials. All our recommended top casino websites feature state of the art 128-bit encryption, so if you are unsure just have a peek at our casino reviews. We rate player security incredibly tremendously.

The gambler’s fallacy occurs when a person believes that the result of a casino game is dependent on outside factors apart from the game’s chances. By way of instance, if a roulette ball has landed on red five times in a row, a gambler may bet black thinking that as red has been the outcome so many times black has a greater probability of occurring. When in truth, the chances are always the same on every spin regardless of what has happened before.

There are several warning signals if you are worried that you or someone you know may have a gambling addiction. If you are hiding your addiction from other individuals, maxing out your bank accounts and getting into debt because of your real cash gambling the odds are you could be addicted. Likewise, if you are bunking off work to gamble, sneaking around to gamble, and considering real money gambling 24/7 the likelihood is the hobby has become a habit and you need to seek help.

It may be, but it does not need to be. You can invest as much or as little as you need to actually, and you definitely don’t need hundreds or even thousands of dollars. The minimum bet at most casinos is generally fairly low so that you can play whatever amounts you feel comfortable with. Provided that you decide on a budget, and stop when you’ve spent it, you have complete control of how much you pay.

Yes, you can. The random character of casino games offers you every chance of beating the odds; you essentially only have to get lucky. That the odds are against you means you will most likely drop in the very long term, but it’s fairly possible to acquire in the short term.

All casino games are primarily based on luck, and lots of games are entirely based on luck. In certain games, however, there’s also an element of strategy involved. Although there’s not any game where you could use strategy to overcome the house advantage, there are games in which you can effectively minimize the impact of this border by playing with the “right” way.

Some people today assume that playing casino games is absurd, due to the fact that you’re so likely to eventually drop money. But this ignores the fact that they may be a good deal of fun. Many players see them as a kind of amusement, where the prospect of winning cash only adds to the excitement. Any money lost is basically regarded as the cost of the entertainment.








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